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I used to shy away from older photos of anomalies, chalking most up to photo/film glitches, double exposures, temperature effects. With the current rash of Photoshopped and manipulated (usually badly) photos out there passing as “real anomalies”, I find myself looking at the older stuff more and more.

It was almost impossible to fake without detection, and the known camera and film problems could be ruled in or out upon analysis.

This photo of Elizabeth Templeton was taken in on May 4, 1964 by her Dad who was a fireman near their home in Australia. Jim, his wife and three daughters went on a picnic that day bringing along his new camera.

The area they were at was almost deserted but Jim reported a “strange electrical feel” to the air as if it was going to rain. When the photos were developed, the store ownerremarked what a shame it was that the nicest photo of Elizabeth had been ruined by the man in the background. Yet there was no man in the area at the time; a tall humanoid in a space suit would have attracted a lot of attention.


A year later Jim went back to the site to take some photos so he could give a talk about it to his fellow firemen. The story became a popular local anomaly. When he got his developed film back, the specific shots he had taken at the picnic area were missing from the rest of the various other photos he had snapped. The police were called and all they could find out was that the Ministry of Defense was interested in his photos because, as it turns out, the picnic area was next to a site where missles were being built.
But that still wasn’t the end of it.

The missle facility at Woomera was run by Group Captain Tom Dalton-Morgan from 1959-1963 and
he came forward with his own story. Prior to the test firing of an earlier “Blue Streak” rocket,
observers stationed 100 miles down range called to tell Tom that there was a ‘light’ heading his
way at incredible speed, towards restricted air space. Tom and several scientists watched as the
light circled the facility, then shot away and vanished. He remarked that he “could not conceive of any plane or missle that was able to perform the maneuvers seen by my team”. He said UFOs were frequently seen in the area. In 1964 they had aborted the launch of another test when a ‘white being’ was seen on the automatic security cameras.

On researching this story, it was found that there is footage of almost every Blue Streak missle test
but this particular launch’s records are not available. Further investigation finds some reference to that film, that the ‘white being” was caught on camera on June 5th, less than two weeks after Jim caught this being on his camera. It’s recorded that on the official security camera film taken that day, a white disk-like patch is visible by the Blue Streak rocket. The Ministry of Defense suggested it was a lens flare, but the photographers at the Woomera facilty say the cameras are all specially hooded to prevent exactly that. They might not be related but the fact that two anomalous images were caught on film within this short time period in the same area has to make you go “hmmmm”.



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