15 Responses to “FUNNY FACES OF FUNBOYS!”

  1. You should be ashamed of yourself. This whole site is disgusting.

    • Hey I don’t hate retards silly! On the contrary I think they make adorable pets. Retards show that god has a sense of humor. Seriously do you know of anywhere that I may purchase one of these delightful funboys?

  2. Yea i think my retard is the greatest pet in the world…i love my retard!!!

  3. RandyCandy Says:

    i love retards and there funny nipples…
    everyone should own one.
    Sometimes when i’m feeling funny, you know, down there, in the pants…
    i imagine my phallus member in or around the mouth of one of these funboys. I love receiving the Kansas City Hot Kick from a well hung autistic midget – thats where you put tobasco sauce on your foot…and Bam up my ass it goes!!!

  4. Isn’t it amazing that the person who set up this website just sits around and mocks people because it makes him feel better about himself. Instead of being mad at him, let’s just pity him because we all know what a small man he really is.

    • Mary, I don’t mock people to feel better about myself, I do it because it’s hilarious and you know it! I accept myself completely…strengths & weaknesses. If we can’t laugh at ourselves then lets not laugh at anyone. Oh, and about the small man comment, I’m bigger than any man you’ve ever had or will. Please don’t take this as an appetizing offer though because I’m not interested. Speaking of my large penis, does anyone know if retards are well endowed? I figure since they are lacking some in the top head that they might be compensating in the bottom. Don’t be shy funboys we want some pics!

  5. I came upon this accidentally; this is absolutely sick!

    Not only are the photographs with the insulting captions disgusting, bueven more so are the comments by some degenerately perverse morons!

  6. How come you don’t have any hip-hop retards? Visit, we don’t have retards just hip-hop!

  7. RandyCandy Says:

    Mary = Whats the difference between Mary and a retard? nothing!

    Garos = The only reason retards are born is to keep the rest of us amused.

    hhrapinfo = I actually like retards better than hiphop

  8. showcase, we all know youre hung like a retard. mary, dont get your panties in a wad. showcase doesn’t just poke fun at tards, they make fun of humans as well. so its all good.

    speaking of which, instead of poking fun at the tards, lets have fun poking the tards.

    theres nothin better than tard stool on your hard tool!

  9. Shit i aint got no comments but some advice. Keep you meat sword out of those crazy retards mouth they bite!!

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