After a night out a couple went to eat some shoarma (roasted lamb-meat in a Pita roll, preferably with lots of garlic-sauce. Shoarma restaurants are the only ones still open after, say, 2.00 a.m., so after a lot of drinking, if still hungry, it’s the only place.) Typically in these places you get served by mediterranean (Turkish or Moroccan) types hardly able to speak dutch, and in the middle of the night every guest eating there is drunk and noisy.

These youngsters ate their weekend portion of half raw meat, but only the guy didn’t take the garlic sauce.  The following morning the girl got very sick & developed sores in her mouth. After hospital analysis of her stomach contents, it was found that the garlic sauce she had eaten contained ten(!) different Quacks of semen infected with herpes, later to be traced to the owner and nine employees of the shoarma joint.

This Sperm-O-Rama was later closed on police order


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