Two friends one night had the unenviable pleasure of assisting a third, in a very drunken state, home from the bar.  By the time they reached his house he was in a collapsed state so, without waking his wife, they laid him down on the sofa to sleep it off.  On the way out through the kitchen one of the friends noticed a bowl of turkey giblets and, as they were rather put out by the companion’s regular drunken antics, they decided to play a practical joke on him.  They took the cooked turkey neck, opened the sleeper’s zipper and then zipped them up again with the turkey neck hanging out.

In the morning the wife of the drunken sleeper came downstairs to see where her husband had collapsed to sleep off the previous night’s excesses. Imagine her dismay when she was greeted with the sight of the cat, sitting on her husband’s chest chewing merrily on what she imagined to be his penis. At this point the practical joke began to backfire. In her shocked state, the wife fainted which made her fall down the stairs, break her neck and become paralyzed.


[Smith, 1983]

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