wenyuanlollipop640This was a friend of my cousin’s husband who works at the coroner’s office in Kings County. He actually saw his dead friend at the morgue. This is real, please be careful.

Mans Death Cause For Concern

When the fog lifted outside of Sanger on Friday morning, November 1, 2001, 18 year old Stuart Bidasoe was found slumped over dead in the drivers seat of his Silver 1997 Saturn. Beside him was a bag of Halloween candy. It appears that in the dense fog, Thursday night, he had run off the road and hit a fence post causing the airbag to deploy.

Officer Benson of The California Highway Patrol could find no apparent reason for Bidasoe’s death. A drug overdose was suspected but no drugs were found on Bidasoe’s person or in the car. It was not until he was transported to the county morgue that the mystery was solved.

Stu Bidasoe had attended a Halloween Party and was on his way home. He had a lollypop in his mouth and in the dense fog ran off the road, hit the fence post inflating the airbag, pushing the lollypop into his throat. He suffocated before help could arrive.

Bidasoe’s distraught parents are seeking legal advice. dddd

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