masturbation-blogA teenager reportedly was experimenting in her ways of masturbation. Her mother was rarely away from the house, so she had not come across too many opportunities to masturbate, but one day her mother came home from work, worn out, and told her that she was going to draw herself a bubble bath and not to expect her for at least an hour. The teenage girl took advantage of this time slot and decided to experiment with rubbing herself with various objects, and one of them was a broom. Finding she could not “do much” with the broom in her bed, she moved into the kitchen and situated herself on top of the refrigerator. Apparently her mother surprised her by opening the bathroom door before the hour was up, and the girl, not wanting her mother to find her in this compromising position, hurriedly hopped off of the refrigerator, without removing the broom handle. The broom handle was shoved up inside of her and came out her eye. cal-tt-300-frenchstreetbroom

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