pimplewoman2A girl I know from Glasgow went on holiday with friends to the coast of North Africa – she had a terrific time.  The only problem they had during the visit was on the last day when they had an invasion of small insects – patricularly spiders.  These appeared to have been blown out to the coast from the desert and all you could do was to keep brushing them away.

In spite of this they managed to get a few hours sunbathing in, during which my friend was bitten on her face by the spiders a couple of times. Thinking no more about it, she simply applied an antiseptic cream to the bites and forgot them.

By the time she had returned to Glasgow the bites were looking rather inflamed and beginning to look like boils. In spite of further treatment, they refused to subside so she eventually thought it best to arrange to visit the doctor the following day.

Going to the bathroom the next morning she saw in the mirror that the bites looked even worse. She had just begun to carefully wash her face when she felt a sharp pricking sensation. Looking in the mirror again she was horrified and began to scream hysterically. The boils had burst and crawling all over her face and in her hair were hundreds of tiny baby spiders.


[Smith, 1986]

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