This here is Luis who lives in Havana. I’ve been chastised by two or three for making disparaging remarks, or alluding to such in my narrative, towards people who look like this. I’d like to clear up that hey – I’m not judging. However you want to mutilate yourself is your own biz. I personally couldn’t spend my life feeling like my head was in a cage, plus I have bad allergies which require me to use a box of tissues a day so the nose rings just wouldn’t work. At all. Perhaps I just have a lot of unanswered questions, since I have never known someone like this, like what do you do with your face during a good volleyball game and scrunching up under the covers and getting all cozy on a Sunday morning. When you do this, it seems you “are” this, and it just seems a shame to be “a” thing that’s judged so quickly on a look for the rest of your life.         –

9 Responses to “PIN CUSHIONS!”

  1. piercedconsumer Says:

    there are very, very few people who look like this. Most people who are into piercings are pretty normal–we just enjoy an unusual way of self expression.

    The majority, also, would agree with you–that as many piercings as this guy has is a symptom of something wrong.

    Don’t lump all people with piercings as mentally ill, please.

  2. Hey I agree – the more bizarre the better! This article was not written by the SHOWCASE. It was written by

  3. piercedconsumer Says:

    well. hmm. That’s not too obvious, but I see it now.

  4. How many piercings do you have?

  5. piercedconsumer Says:

    moi? right now I have . . . I always have to stop and count . . . 9

  6. piercedconsumer Says:

    I heard of people piercing pretty much everything.

  7. Douglas Rohde Says:

    I’ve always wanted to eat a pierced pussy.

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