Bus stop and shelter installations can range from a simple pole and sign or rudimentary shelter, to full-blown buildings. A wide array of bus stops have been creatively constructed in elaborate modern design of steel and glass in urban settings, sublime creations built to suit the natural surroundings in rural areas, and even outright ridiculous and bizarre contraptions.

Author unknown

Design and construction may be uniform to reflect a large corporate or local authority provider, or installations may be more personal and distinctive where a small local authority or groups of individuals are responsible for the stop.

Some German nursing homes are using a novel strategy to stop Alzheimer’s patients and those suffering with dementia from wandering off — fake bus stops. Errant patients will wait for their trip to their imagined destination at the bus stop, and then quickly forget why they were there in the first place.

Staff will approach to tell them that the bus is coming later and invite them in for a coffee. Five minutes later they’ve completely forgotten they ever wanted to leave.

Bizarre Bus Stops and Shelters

Author unknown

Designed by artist and sculptor Dennis Oppenheim 2002

Author unknown

Author unknown

Photo Shiny Things

Loneliest Bus Stop in all of Santiago. With prospect of the new public transportation called Transantiago, city planners neglected to realize that not a single bus runs by this stop.
Photo PJ Furlong

Once a popular bus stop in Bowie, Geronimo’s Castle (now called the Teepee)
still stands and is sometimes used as a cafe. Photo Evanosherow

The Arts
Even artists and their creations have been celebrated, emblazoning the structures and benches with artworks resembling street art and graffiti.

Author unknown

Author unknown

Author unknown

Otakou bus stop across the road from the Cadbury Factory in Dunedin.
Photo MF Crowl

One of many painted bus stops in Dunedin. This one is by a cricket field
near the Botanical Gardens. Photo MF Crowl

A mural beside the Hanover St. bus stop in Dunedin. Photo MF Crowl

Spaceship mural on a bus stop outside the Gardens New World Supermarket, Dunedin.
Photo MF Crowl

Bus stop with a mural by John Noakes, near the Gardens, Dunedin. Photo MF Crowl

Rear of a bus stop with a mural by John Noakes, near the Gardens, Dunedin.
Photo MF Crowl

Bus shelter in Capitol Hill, Seattle. Photo Faery Boots

Bushaltestelle Landtorplatz. Photo Dustpuppy

Botcheston bus stop. Photo Nitric Flog Fish

‘Homeless man in motion’ by Trudy Bersma. Four different paintings made by 4
different artists are hung up in 160 bus shelters throughout Zoetermeer. Photo FaceMePLS

Photo Faery Boots

Photo Faery Boots

Photo Faery Boots

Graphics on a bus shelter. Photo Wonderferret

Graphics on a bus shelter. Photo Tinali

Dog Beach bus shelter at Fremantle, Australia. Photo Tim Parkinson

Bus shelter outside Countdown supermarket, Dunedin. Photo MF Crowl

Photo Janetmck

Dilapidated and Abandoned
Some structures appear dilapidated and abandoned as if from some far-away, long-forgotten ghost town setting. Bus stops and shelters frequently include small built-in seats or benches, but for those without, some have taken matters into their own hands.

Photo Augapfel

Author unknown

Author unknown

It doesn’t get much more unpretentious than this. Photo Conanil

Photo Jamtea

Bus stop graveyard. Photo Bradley P Johnson

Dunshelt Wooden bus shelter. Photo Brian Forbes

Photo Permanently Scatterbrained

Advertising and Contemporary Design
Advertisers have long capitalized on bus stops to promote their message or product. Marketing concepts vary from simple posters to complex illuminated, changeable or animated displays including interactive advertising.

Photo Tony the Tiger

Author unknown

Author unknown

Author unknown

Bus stop in Broadway in New Moston. Photo Gene Hunt

Photo FaceMePLS

Bus stop in Roxbury. Photo Miz Ginevra

Photo Payton Chung

Bus shelter in the capital of Estonia. Photo Green Idea Factor

These bus stops are famously a symbol of Curitiba. Riders pay before entering the bus stop
so that they can just walk directly on the bus, like a subway. Author unknown

Author unknown

Author unknown

Photo Clairity

Photo Allan Ferguson

Neutral Ambiance

To maintain the integrity and ambiance of their surroundings, some bus stops, shelters and benches have been discreetly built with unimposing or elegant design to blend within their environment.

Author unknown

Bus stop at Yosemite Falls with simple, monumental scale. Photo Rezleb

Photo Jessye Anne

Photo iMorpheus

Photo Vittis from Lithuania

Bus shelter, York Bay, Wellington. Photo Bryce Edwards

Bizarre and Innovative
Bus stops frequently include street furniture, but some take the concept to a whole new level to create the illusion of home or comfort.

Fowye Bus stop. Photo J Bracken

Author unknown

Author unknown

Author unknown

Author unknown

You know you have a long wait ahead when restaurants capitalize on serving food.
Photo Phillip C

For even longer delays, your bed awaits you. Photo iMorpheus

IKEA advertising. Photo Foxtongue

Photo Hyperspacemedia

This bus shelter was constructed from recycled doors as an initiative by Material Exchange,
sent in by a reader, Greg Lane. Photo Material Exchange

Bus Stop Occupants
Sometimes it’s not so much the bus stop that’s interesting, as the occupants.

Photo Pamela Adam

Fremont, Seattle, Washington. Photo Towodo

Photo Marcin Wichary

Photo Bonnie Burton

Photo Bonnie Burton

The Hollies – Bus Stop

Source: Wikipedia.

Special thanks to Chana from E-BrightHorizons for the inspiration by sending some of these images.

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